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Digital Flight Control System

​We introduced fly-by-wire to the business aviation world with the Falcon 7X. Dassault’s cutting-edge FBW feature - the Digital Flight Control System - ensures an ultra-smooth flying platform with far higher margins of safety than conventional flight controls.

The Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) features three main flight computers that receive control inputs and direct control movement, backed up by three secondary computers. An analog computer controlling the two flight spoilers using rudder pedal displacement, and the trimmable horizontal stabilizer, via the pitch trim switch, provide the ultimate back-up in the event of computer failure.

The computers permit precise flight path control. Using the fighter-jet styled side stick controller, the pilot follows a single flight path vector (FPV) cue. The DFCS handles auto-trim adjustments, optimizes the configuration and provides stability augmentation.The DFCS’s computers also provide built-in flight envelope protection, allowing pilots to extract maximum aircraft performance and efficiency without risk of overstressing the aircraft.

They monitor pilot flight control inputs and prevent the aircraft from exceeding angle-of-attack, airspeed/Mach or load limits.This feature is invaluable in instances where maximum performance is needed such as when encountering wind shear or taking collision avoidance maneuvers.